Mural Painting Made Easier.

Decorating your public and most private spaces is a challenge. There is so much we can think of and so much to choose from, that it may sometimes become a bit stressful. Our mind brainstorms trying to find the perfect piece of decoration. But we often tend to forget of one particular type of art that has been portraying people’s evolution for decades and decades; murals. From the times when the first men used to paint on cave walls to the great displays of art in the Vatican mural arts have improved. Murals ended up being key parts of the architectural structure of buildings and a display of ideas, emotions and beliefs.

But why don’t we own murals in our homes anymore? What has changed? Owning a mural is considered a luxury. The costs and time involved in creating your dream mural has even made it more difficult. But this has all changed.

Thanks to the advances of technology, having a mural today is more accessible than ever! New type of mural making companies are evolving, with several types of murals available now-a-days, ranging from decals to on site direct to wall printed murals. However, the disadvantages of pre-  fabricated murals and decals lies in the fact that they are less durable and are produced in large amounts, making them less exclusive. Luckily this new mural printing trend is developing fast and at a steady pace.

Mural printing is a new mural painting technique that utilizes modern technology to print murals directly on walls.

The advantages of using mural printing are uncountable. It is ranging from the high quality of the printed images to the cost of production and speed. Thanks to this new technique it is now possible to print murals with photo looking quality. The resulting murals are nothing short of impressive with near-to-original quality art pieces. The printing process is so speedy that a mural the size of 3 Sq. ft. takes approximately one hour.

Currently, there are only a few companies providing the service and they are very scattered around the world. Muralify LLC is one of the most successful ones and is located in Tampa, Florida. They currently service the Tampa Bay area and its surroundings key cities like Sarasota and Orlando.

Mural Printing allows for a lot. From printing replicas of paintings and digital artwork, to printing your favorite pet or wedding photographs. And if you want to impress even more, you can book their services as a gift to dear relative or friend.

Businesses are also one of the most benefited ones with this new technology. Mural printing allows corporates not only to show their identity but also to have that perfect made logo proudly displayed in the view of all customers. Mural printing is the ultimate solution to show your clients who you are, your values and your brand.

Murals can also be printed with 3D effects, adding a magical style to any site or any location as well as sparkling the sense of humor by tricking the eyes of their visitors.

To inquire more about mural printing and seei it in action visit here

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